Symbiocene events: Wednesday, September 20th at 5pm

The next Symbiocene event, with guests Gorazd Trušnovec, urban beekeeper and architect, and designer Brina Fekonja will focus on the roles and potentials of urban beekeeping from the perspective of design and sustainable urbanism.

Urban Beekeeping: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Gorazd Trušnovec

The history of urban beekeeping goes way back. An integral connection between people and bees has been present ever since people started to be aware of the way they inhabited the planet. It is hardly surprising then that the oldest archaeological evidence related to organized (human) beekeeping was discovered inside an urban dwelling in the Jordan Valley more than 3000 years old. The first beehives in Ljubljana were set up more than 100 years ago in Šentvid, Trnovo and Bežigrad, which back then were just rural suburbs but were gradually, through post-war urbanization, “adopted” by Ljubljana. On a global scale, urban beekeeping has become more visible and organized over the last three decades, and came to Slovenia only a few years ago, in parallel with contemporary notions of self-sufficiency and urban greening movements. The lecture will focus on the history of the connections between the urban environment and beekeeping, highlight various examples of good practice, and point out the potentials such activity has in our contemporary urban environments.

Gorazd Trušnovec is a filmmaker, architect and author. In recent years he has been focused on the theory and practice of urban beekeeping. He is the founder of the Urban Beekeeper Society.

Build your own beehive
Brina Fekonja

The project presents a concept for an experimental stackable beehive for individual use in an urban environment. The beehive is made of cardboard and can be recycled. Users can assemble it on their own using simple tools and by following the instructions provided. The beehive is the result of her practical work for her diploma thesis Beekeeping in Urban Environments. The lecture will deal with beehive prototypes.

Brina Fekonja is a graduate of industrial design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She is interested in the way design influences individuals and society, and how it connects with other areas, particularly social responsibility, ecology, sustainable future, social issues and commprojecties.

The lecture will be held in Slovenian.

After the talk in the museum attic we will visit the beehives in the park and demonstrate a regular checking-up on of the hives.