Symbiocene Events: Friday, 29 September at 7 PM

In this final event of the Symbiocene exhibition, the exhibition authors will hold an auction of unique furniture made from the biomass of invasive plants from the Ljubljana area. The auction will take place in the group’s workshop, where various objects made from invasive plants can be seen. The objects demonstrate the different stages involved in processing plant-based raw materials into final products.

If you want to furnish your home or office with handmade furniture that will remind you of the need to nurture the relationship between humankind and nature, then with some clever bidding and a bit of luck you can become the happy owner of an exhibition piece. Chairs, a bench and a worktable made from the invasive tree of heaven, or cushions featuring the natural colours of the equally invasive goldenrod, will be available already this Friday at 19.00 in MAO.

Proceeds from the auction will be used to finance the further development of Symbiocene. Anyone interested in this commprojecty project is welcome to participate.