NotWeed Paper

innovative paper from invasive plants

NotWeed paper is the first paper brand that takes advantage of global environmental problem, caused by invasive plants and turns it into an opportprojecty for paper-making. Together with the local commprojecty we forage the thriving weeds in urban wastelands and use them as an alternative source of cellulose in the half-industrial paper production.

According to FAO, global tree plantations have expanded by more than 50% in the past 30 years. In order to protect the planetary biodiversity, we need to think of sustainable alternatives to standardized processes of paper pulp production. Our locally produced, chlorine-free paper, gives us and our customers an opportprojecty to join the efforts of preserving the natural resources and become a part of an inventive solution for the use of invasive plants.

By printing your stationary, annual reports or business cards on the NotWeed paper, you can create unique promotional materials which shine a light on your organisation’s environmental responsibility.

NotWeed paper is a newly established brand from our NGO Trajna, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was set-up to support our efforts in developing creative and sustainable solutions to invasive plants management and paper-making.

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