Crafting the beehives

May 19, 2017

We started our production at Andrej’s workshop. We were very excited to see how the wood behaves and looks after we put it on a surface planer. It is the first thing we did, and it looked amazing, something similar to Ash but brighter and with some amazing textures. Together with William, our honey keeping coach, we opted for the LR beehives, because he was familiar with them and also because they were more suitable for our nomadic-freelance-project run lifestyles.

While we were looking for a functional way of constructing the beehives, we found the graduate thesis Posodica, panj in pejsaž by Ivan Juretič done at the Faculty for Architecture in Ljubljana. It was a really nice research of beehives from around the world and from different periods of history. Also it provided a modular way of constructing the various parts of a LR beehive, which we thought might be the best one for our project and appropriate for Andrej’s woodworking workshop. We started the production and working with this wood turn out to be a real pleasure, not too hard, not too soft, everything went smoothly, nice cuts, magnificent textures after the planning. One after another all the pieces for the beehive came out: the stands,the bottom boards/entrances, the ⅔ hive bodies, the covers and the roofs. We also made the full depth LR hive bodies, which we are going to use in the spring and the green roofs that will help the bees cool the hive during summer.